Polyester coating is the most widely used technology on the coated metal market because of its optimum performance and cost efficiency.

The technology provides Standard UV protection with optimum corrosion resistance with coating thickness of 20µ on top of 5µ of primer coating.

This coating technology also has the benefit of improvement with suitable additives which might make the final product more durable, more flexible, glossier etc.

Polyester coated products are suitable for both interior usage for aesthetic purposes and exterior usage with a suitable upgrade if required.


PUR-PA technology provides excellent scratch and corrosion resistance due polyamide particles presented in its structure.

The common application thickness is 20µ however this technology is suitable for higher thickness applications up to 50µ.

The high flexibility, high corrosion resistance modifications are possible with high thickness applications or different primers in order to provide best choice for customer requests.

PUR-PA coated products are good choice for exterior applications that require high abrasion and corrosion resistance and also they are suitable for home appliance due to their flexibility.


PvDF technology is based on thermoplasticity and it is the best application for maintaining colours and brightness for long-term due to its high UV-resistance property.

The typical application thickness is 20-25µ but double or triple layers are also possible which makes very color and brightness options possible without any UV-resistance loss.

Apart from excellent UV-resistance, this technology has also very high chemical resistance.

PvDF coated products are suitable for interior use however for its extreme capabilities, products are usually become parts of architecture structures.


Plastisol technology is another thermoplastic application in the industry. This technology has a unique property of high thickness applications.

The standard application thickness is 200µ and lowest 100µ is also possible if required.

Although it is susceptible to high temperature environment (>80°C), it has excellent flexibility abrasion resistance.

Plastisol coated products are good choice for roofing application where rain abrasion is seen, moreover it is suitable interior facades.


PET lamination technology provides a wide range of colour and texture with low-dirt pick up and easy cleaning properties with thickness 15-40µ.

PET laminated products are usually used for home appliances.


PVC lamination technology provides a wide range of colour and texture with good flexibility and hardness that is also suitable for deep drawing and has the thickness 100-200µ.

PVC laminated products are preferable for food-safe applications and also applications that requires high UV-resistance.